SEO For Your Site Made Easy

SEO For Your Site Made Easy

SEO For Your Site Made Easy

SEO For Your Site Made Easy
Search engine optimization is something that people are looking for. The search engines are constantly changing the way they rank sites and how they determine their rankings. The end result of this is that you have to keep search engine optimization techniques in mind if you want your site to rank.

This brings up the question how you actually do SEO. Keep in mind that the techniques used to optimize your site will always change. The flashy techniques of the past are not only out of date, but likely to be deemed as spammy and deemed as useless.

In fact, many people find buying keyword ranks from companies they have never heard of to be the hardest part of their search engine optimization. The truth is that there are manylenchways to SEO and it is impossible to optimize every single page. You have to do the research on what is most important to your site.

The term that is probably most familiar to people is actually a combination of two words: longtail and targeted keyword. A longtail keyword is one that is four or more keywords long, while a targeted keyword is only one or two keywords long. So a longtail is one that is quite simple to rank for, while a targeted keyword is one that is hidden and difficult to rank for, but nonetheless can draw traffic.

Keep in mind as well, that Google’s search results are based on relevancy not just on the keywords. The more related words and phrases related to the searched term, the better the place is for the search engine results.

The appropriate strategy in this situation is relevancy. And how is this relevant to SEO? It is actually a lot more than deciding to put the term “dog training” for example.

The decision to decide on what terms and phrases to use is actually a campaign. And as such, it is no different than any other when it comes to decision making, and SEO in particular. The decision between picking the term “dog training” and putting it in your webpage is not one that should be taken lightly.

Sure, it might be the most appropriate term for your site, but what if your site is not actually totally about dogs? Just because it is the most common term for your niche doesn’t mean it would be the best term to use in the search engines.

This is what is called LSI or latent semantic indexing. It is important to put it in mind when you are doing your SEO strategy. It is the placement of terms related to your main keyword.

For example, you have a page on your site related to dogs called “service”. The main keyword in the title of the page is obviously “service” but the term is not one you would call “dog training”. You would probably want to use a different term in the hopes that the search engine will find your page while searching for a term more appropriate for your website.

Lets say for example you have a page with the title of “service dogs”. The term in the title is “service dogs” but the page is about the history of theowner’s dogs. The search engine robots differentiates the term from the actual page and places it in a different location from the other sites that are about dogs and the keyword is relevant to that.

If your page was about dogs and the keyword in the title was ” Owners man ” that would be a bit better but a fairly common term would still lose out to a better description of the same topic that your page would garner if you used the keyword “service dogs” instead.

In general, ALWAYS make sure you have a relevant title and meta tag for each page. If you use the same title for every page, then the search engine robots aren’t too confused by your attempt to mislead them.

Meta tag variety plays a role in your overall SEO strategy. SEO For Your Site Made Easy

Wisely written meta tags can help boost your search engine ranking. Don’t fill your meta tags with keywords but don’t use too many either. There isn’t an exact science to this and an overly bold or too thin meta tag can actually hurt your websites performance.

Taking the time to vary your meta tags with titles and content is an important part of search engine optimization. It helps the search engine robots and also your visitors. Thing to remember is that robots tag your site as necessary as people do. It is part of the technological infancy of the internet and it will be a while before any robots actually read your website’s meta tags.

You don’t have to submit your site to search engines. If you have links to new websites that you’ve made, your links in directories, and pages in your site that refer to other sites you have control over, you should be able to get your site indexed fairly quickly.

One thing I did that I believe helped was I changed the naming of a couple of the pages on my site. SEO For Your Site Made Easy